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In Memory of

Shirley Young


May 25, 1935 - Dec 26, 2020

The family of Shirley Young invites you to watch the recording of the memorial service from Jan 9, 2021.



Tributes and Memories

​表达哀思 分享回忆

We invite you to leave tributes to Shirley Young and to share your memories or stories with her family and people all around the world.

Please click the button below to visit the memorial page.



“Create bridges of understanding through arts and education.”


As Chair of the US-China Cultural Institute (USCCI), Shirley Young had been fostering collaborations with the leading cultural organizations in the United States and China and mentoring young Chinese artists for international careers. Shirley's family and the Institute staff will continue to follow the mission.

Donations will support USCCI’s programs and artists


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